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margaret 46

Congratulations! I enjoy your blog and find the books you recomend very interesting.


callmemadam here. I signed in and was told I was commenting as D. Duh.

Anyway, congratulations on your anniversary. Still reading!

Mary Ronan Drew

Thank you. Madam, I have no idea why Typepad thinks you need to hide under a letter (like M does) but just go for it.

Happy New Year to both of you.

Kimberly G. Wold

Congratulations, Mary! I still enjoy your blog, but haven't left a comment in ages. I will remedy that error right now. Please keep posting your reviews. I also follow you on GoodReads which is also quite fun.

All the best--

Mary Ronan Drew

Thanks, Kimberly. Does the Arizona traveler not travel anymore? I liked following your trips.

Kimberly G. Wold

Ha! Yes, I still travel. I just have not taken the time to post. It's easier and faster for me to post on Instagram. Are you on Instagram?

Mary Ronan Drew

I am, but I never go there. I'll see if I have my password written down somewhere and look you up.

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