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I don't remember getting my first library card, but I remember visits to the library from the time I was quite small. My mother was a reader, belonged to the Book of the Month Club and thought libraries were a right and a privilege to be used at least bi-weekly! One of the best perks a civilized nation could provide. :)

Mary Ronan Drew

Oh, I like your mother's attitude, Jenclair. When I moved to Spokane from northern Virginia I got a library card before I got a driver's license. Prioritize!

JP McLean

Your post brought to mind my own early library experiences. I still remember the stale gym smell of children's section and the stern looks we'd get from the librarian if we misbehaved. That library card made me feel like a grown-up. I often wondered what was so interesting in the adult section. Without picture books, I just didn't see the point.

Mary Ronan Drew

JP: I recall the mystique of the grown up shelves and the joy abounding when I finally got to browse them.The first book I borrowed was Parrish, a steamy (well, steamy for 1958) love story about tobacco growing in Connecticut. It had no pictures, alas.

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