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Congratulations on the anniversary! I love your blog.
Coincidentally, I think my twelfth comes up next month.


Happy anniversary, Mary. Love your reading nook!

Mary Ronan Drew

Twelve years goes by fast, doesn't it, Madam!

Mary Ronan Drew

Thanks, jenclair. That gold chair is soooo comfortable.


Congrats, Mary

Mary Ronan Drew

Thank you, Col.


It really doesn't seem possible, does it?! So happy to have made your acquaintance.


Impressive! Thanks for all the great recommendations. Karen

Mary Ronan Drew

I'm glad you decided to continue your blog a while back, Nan. And yes, the time does fly!

Mary Ronan Drew

So many of the books I read come from blog recommendations, Karen. I'm glad Mary's Library has given you some good ideas.

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