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I have toyed with trying Lashner myself, but can't countenance taking on another series when I have so many unread books. The Barkeep - a standalone looks good.
Re Asen - its reassuring to know I'm not the only one who buys, doesn't read and gets rid!

Mary Ronan Drew

Col, I'm sorry now, of course, that the Asen books are gone. But worrying about books I've gotten rid of - that way madness lies. I requested Falls the Shadow from the library a week ago, but it hasn't come so last night I fell back on a Persephone novel by Dorothy Whipple. It was just the thing to comfort me after my (short, totally painless, and indeed cheerful and amusing) dental visit.

I'm enjoying your catalog of books.


I haven't read anything by William Lashner or by Dennis Asen, but both sound like interesting series.

Mary Ronan Drew

I hadn't heard of them either, Jenclair, until I went looking for a mystery with a dental theme. I'm looking forward to getting the Lashner book soon.


I'm trying to think if I've ever read a novel that featured a dentist. I don't think I have. Plenty of doctors in contemporary fiction but a dearth of dentists!

Mary Ronan Drew

Good title for a murder mystery featuring an orthodontist, Nicola: A Dearth of Dentists.

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