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Bobby Eason

Not as much into this list, but have read Lila. Good, but Robinson is a taste in acquisition stage.

Mary Ronan Drew

I'm crazy about Robinson, Bobby. I've read all of her books multiple times. Housekeeping, which takes place near here in Sandpoint where he was born, is superb.


Not read any Mary and nor am I likely to (hangs head in shame!),
Curious to see your reaction to the housebrick tome - another blogger I follow hated it with a vengeance!

Mary Ronan Drew

Col, These aren't your sort of novels, I think. The killings in the Jamaican novel are not mysteries.

You refer to the essay written by the gal who writes Clothes in Books, who hated A Little Life. Wasn't that a brilliant review! She formed strong opinions and was able to express them very clearly. Nonetheless, I loved the book. I think the author intended the things CiB took issue with and was trying to make a point with them.

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