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Congratulations on your anniversary!
We started blogging at almost exactly the same time :-)


Happy anniversary! I always enjoy your posts, and it's lovely to find another Trollope reader (though I haven't managed all 47 novels yet). Now I must go find the tea & Jane Austen book :)

Mary Ronan Drew

I check your blog nearly every day, Barbara. (Loved the miniature daffodils.)

Make 2014 The Year of AT, Lisa. You won't be sorry.


Congrats on 8 years, Mary

Mary Ronan Drew

Thanks, Col. It's been fun.

Thomas at My Porch

I think I started in June of 2006, but I didn't really start writing about books until 2009. Congratulations!


Such a fun way to mark a blog anniversary!! So happy you are in the blogging world!

Mary Ronan Drew

Thank you, Nan. You already know how I feel about your blog . . .

Les in NE

You and I started right about the same time, Mary. My 8 year is coming up next week. I tend to follow you more on Goodreads now, but need to visit your blog more often for non-book related posts.

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