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Wow. This brings up a couple of things that are hot (or at least warm) buttons for me. The all-adults-are-evil/weak/or stupid theme is way too prevalent. I've noticed it particularly in youth-oriented movies. While this might appeal to the middle school mindset, it is harmful and we suffer as a society for indulging in it. This is the reason that I absolutely hated "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". Next, the zero tolerance theme is interesting. While I don't particularly like the idea of zero tolerance policies, I think that I understand where they come from. Starting in around the 1960s, liberal courts began undercutting the authority of school officials. While some of this probably was salutary and redressed abuses, it also put all disciplinary actions up for grabs. Schools found themselves confronted with law suits and threats of law suits alleging abuses of discretion regarding disciplinary actions. Schools responded with zero tolerance policies. This provided an iron-clad set of rules and prescribed punishments. By eliminating discretion in discipline, you also largely eliminate actions for abuse of discretion.

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