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Barbara M.

I've never thought of Hamish as a hallucination... To me , he the conscience... The still small voice inside that tells you what is right, and what is NOT right.

I lost a dear friend many (35?) years ago, but I still hear his voice in my mind, checking to make sure I understand and am clear on those choices. I think he has become my conscience, as Hamish is Rutledge's.

Needless to say, I find these very satisfying novels.

Barbara M. In NH

Mary Ronan Drew

Hamish certainly does act as Rutledge's conscience, Barbara. And he sometimes brings things that are in his subconscious to the surface. This is such a brilliant way to enhance the detective's skill.


This remains my favorite in the series, and perhaps it is time to read it again.

Hamish is my favorite character. What a great device to include in a series that deals with the victim of shell shock in WWI.

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