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Thank you, I love these quiz-type lists! Only so I can feel smug, I'm afraid.:-)


Well, I got 8 of the first 10, but not a single one of the second!

Mary Ronan Drew

Good for you, Barbara. I, too, like the ego boost of knowing the answers to book quizzes.

I wouldn't have gotten the whole 20 myself, Lisa. I looked up most of the second list because I didn't know them by heart.

Simon T

Comments are closed on the Top Ten Books You've Read so far in 2013, so I'm commenting here instead! Just wanted to say that I share your enthusiasm for Dame Ivy Compton-Burnett, and I do my best to spread the word about her! (I've reviewed maybe five of her books on my blog - check out my drop-down author menu if you'd like to see some!)

But she does seem to be an acquired taste. Or, rather, people acquire it at once or never. I would class her as one of the truly great writers of the 20th century - and, indeed, Woolf would be the only other writer to whom I would award that accolade.


As I recall, some family research showed that Tolstoy had it exactly backwards. Happy families all find their own ways to be happy. Unhappy families are all depressingly alike.

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