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I have thoroughly enjoyed two of Beverley Nichols books but I haven't read Laughter on the Stairs--but I will! Merry Hall and Garden Open Tomorrow were both well-written and entertaining!

Thanks for the reminder, Mary!


Love, love, love his books. Thanks for reminding me.


So glad you enjoyed this!

I love Beverley Nichols and have all his house and garden books. May I put in a word for the first trilogy? Down the Garden Path, A Thatched Roof and A Village in a Valley. Totally delightful and illustrated by Rex Whistler.

BTW it's Surrey, a pedant writes.

Mary Ronan Drew

Garden Open Tomorrow, like so many of Nichols' titles, is charming, Kimberley

I think I can say I love, love, love Nichols, too, Karen.

I plan to ask the library to get the first trilogy for me on ILL, Barbara. And thanks for the Surry/Surrey thing. I shouldn't have got that wrong. (Blush.) I've fixed it.

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