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I bought this a month or two ago, but haven't yet read it....soon I hope!

Pamela Thomas

Mary, I read this after reading your review. It is well written and riveting, but I was disappointed at the very end because the characters returned to the primitive church in question. It just didn't seem right - what did you think?

Mary Ronan Drew

Have you had a chance to read it, Col?

Pamela, I was numb at the end of the book. I wasn't so much disappointed that the characters went back to the church as I was puzzled at the stoicism of some of them. And I think the old lady couldn't be expected to change the habits and beliefs of a lifetime. So would you recommend the book for the short list of 16 books for the Buff Orpington?


I loved this one, too. Wiley's currently finishing up his next book (probably has to do edits and such, still) and I cannot wait for it!

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