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It ia amazing, the number of persons with tortured lives who were incredibly funny. Also, this is a reminder of what a thoroughly detestable person Lillian Hellman was.

Mary Ronan Drew

Lillian Hellman, according to the author, was perfectly awful, destructive of Dorothy Parker's stability, more vicious than any of the others in the Vicious Circle. She lied, cheated, stole, and cut a swath of misery all her life. So says Meade.


So interesting to read this. I'm fascinated by that whole crew, Benchley especially. There's a biog. of him called Laughter's Gentle Soul. Isn't that the best title. Tom and I use the 'what fresh hell' quite frequently. :<) And Lillian Hellman is a character too. I remember reading all her memoirs and then hearing she lied. I like the movie Julia though.

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