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It's been a while since I read Big Stone Gap but I remember liking it very much and went on to read all of her novels.
I, too, grew up in a small town and one day was riding to school on a motorcycle driven by my brother. A friend of my mother's saw him run a stop sign and that was the end of the motorcycle!

Mary Ronan Drew

Small towns! You live fairly close to Big Stone Gap, don't you?


Perhaps you're thinking of another Pam? I live in small town Arkansas.

Mary Ronan Drew

Oops : - ) I was thinking of Pam from Knoxville. But small towns are the same whether they are in rural Virginia, Tennessee, or in Arkansas.


I read this a few years ago enjoying every bit. I also met the author and she is hilarious and very engaging.

Mary Ronan Drew

The main character of this book is so warm and charming. I can imagine the author would be the same way.

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