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I am just now reading a piece in The New Yorker about this. A reviewer writes that the reader of the book will come away 85% M. is innocent, and 100% that he did not receive a fair trial. Interesting Sarah Palin connection with McGinnis.

Mary Ronan Drew

I agree with the writer who says you will come away believing 100% that MacDonald was railroaded. I already knew that. McGinnis buying the house next to Palin's and sitting on the deck with binoculars is kind of creepy but from what I've read about his treatment of MacDonald he has always been a little creepy.


You get the NY right? It's a good piece by Mark Singer. in the front section.

Mary Ronan Drew

Yes, I recently re-subscribed to the New Yorker. I thought it was excellent.


Damage to the wife and two daughters bodies are often profiled to be of a very personal nature...overkill.
I believe Mr. MacDonald is guilty as heck. The jury convicted MacDonald based on
the evidence provided. I
believe their verdict was correct.

Mary Ronan Drew

Maybe so, Chris. I wonder what the judge will say in his findings later this month.


After reading this Errol Morris book I had to read Fatal Vision and finally Fatal Justice, the case is just so fascinating. Ultimately your heart is broken from the appalling injustice this obviously innocent man has endured. Morris has done a masterful job allowing the reader to use his own judgement and come to his own conclusions about the case. A remarkable book that presents new insight into the nature of evidence.

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