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Pamela Thomas

Hi, Mary, do you live inside my brain? Your current exploration sounds like my last 10 years. I did go back and read Shakespeare, all of him, twice, and watched the BBC videos of all the plays. Also saw as many local productions as possible, and even a few Royal Shakespeare productions in London. It took two passes beyond my college studies to really grasp and enjoy Shakespeare. I have no doubt I'll visit him again, but not in such an obsessive manner.

I like Durant, too, but have made it only about half way through "The Story of Civilization." I had to make myself stop grazing to complete my 10 year plan. But now that I'm almost finished, he's high on my list to complete and perhaps reread also. I like his "Story of Philosophy" too.

I love your blog, hope to spend more time here now that I'm winding down my obsessive sidueis!

Mary Ronan Drew

Oh, I've known about our shared brain for some time now, Pamela. Partially shared. I've no technology lobe despite a job as configuration manager at one time.

I bought the Durant books long ago - maybe 50 years ago. And I've done this historical trip back from later eras to Sumeria a couple of times. However, I intend to make it all to the way to Napoleon this go round.

Do you have a projected end date for your reading project?

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