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Simon T

I was really hoping from the title that this would actually be about childhood reading, from an author I hugely admire... these essays don't seem so up my street. Although, as a Christian myself, it is great to have a writer who isn't ashamed to call herself one - and who writes such a brilliant Christian perspective as that in Gilead.

Mary Ronan Drew

Simon, I agree that Robinson's Gilead and Home were remarkably sensitive portrayals of Christians. And like you I hoped this was a book about books. It's not. It's a collection of essays about various things, including politics, the importance of generosity, and cosmology. I found it uneven.

Hello :) I followed your link posted on the Goodreads review of this book. Thanks for the review. I am struggling with this one but feel the contents are worth the effort. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought this was a book about reading.

Warm regards, Vanessa

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