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Mary, I almost bought the Susan Jacoby for my Kindle, but decided I might be happier with it in paper after I perused a copy in the bookstore and saw how extensive the index was. Have you noticed how the Kindle handles indices? I'm assuming it doesn't provide direct links, that the user would have to do a word search, but I don't know for sure. As you can gather, I'm still doing the most basic stuff with mine. . .


The Kindle ignores the index in most books. I guess they figure you can search on the word or name you want. That's not as convenient as having a written index but it does work.

Unfortunately, Kindle hasn't figured out how to let you search in only a single book and so when you search you get hits from all the books you have on the Kindle.



I've just bought The Film Club today for one of the Canadian Book Challenge books. It sounds great, and I was pleased to see all your stars. You've been reading some really long books!!


I enjoyed The Film Club and learned a lot from it. As Fay at Historical/Present says: Homeschooling!


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