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I agree with you, Mary. My husband, my mother, and I were all disappointed with this production. Now we're afraid of what they've also done with the next few. Disappointment!

Fay Sheco

Watching the production may have been a chore, but your review is certainly entertaining, Mary! We viewers should not have to work so hard. A few weeks ago French TV showed bunches of Jacques Tati films, and it's going to be a long while before we see anything else so amusing.


I think you've 'persuaded' me to not bother watching! :<) Great review, Mary.

Mary Ronan Drew

Robin, I was kind compared to the ladies at There's a lot of discussion there of "the marathon" and "the kiss."



Oh no. Oh no. Oh, Mary, you DIDN'T watch that atrocious thing! (Though of course you did or you wouldn't be writing about it.) Oh, if only I'd thought to warn you! My dearest friend got a bootlegged copy from another friend in England and we watched it before my recital in November to distract me from my nerves. We spent so much time yelling at the screen and screeching in horror that I was certainly distracted! Anne Elliot RAN!!! And at the end, as they're going in for the kiss, she was described by someone as a 'large-mouth bass looking for food.'

What were these people thinking?! And why do they think Anne Elliot, one of the most sympathetic characters ever written (in my opinion) needs to break the so-called fourth wall to make sure the viewers know what she is going through?! I could go on, but you've done a thorough job and this is long enough.

I cannot apologize deeply enough that I did not warn you of the atrocity that was the new Persuasion. (I have not, however, seen any of the other redone versions that I believe Mama has recorded from WETA. I will tread lightly and I'm sure you will, too.)


When I saw this was being shown in the US, I decided to keep my mouth firmly closed until it had been watched. Now I can say that I agree with every word you say. It was totally and utterly DIRE. The earlier BBC version with Ciarian Hinds and Amanda Root is still the best. The rest of this series, if it is the same as the one shown last summer here in the UK, has an equally dire Mansfield Park but I found the Northanger Abbey to be very good, even though Andrew davies (who I am beginning to get worried about) has to have the usual obligatory soft focus let's get naked scene. I can only think that Jane would have found this most amusing. Recent Sense and Sensibility just show over here, good but not a patch on the movie.

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