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Wilhelm, I love this sort of thing! I can't speak for English law (I'm a Scots lawyer, and we do things differently) but my OED tells me a fardel is a quarter, and north of the border we use the word (or more commonly its contraction, farl) for a sort of scone.
Scots law is full of marvellous terms, most of them incomprehensible to anyone outwith the profession, but a delight to someone interested in obscure language.


Karen -- Now, if we can just figure out how much a yardland is, we'll really be getting somewhere. Wilhelm


The word fardel rang a bell and I whipped out my Hamlet and there sure enough:

'who would fardels bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life...'

according to my dictionary a fardel is a burden but then another says it is a bundle which would make sense in the context of a law book.

It is one of those lovely English words that are such fun to say - such as 'nurdle' another favourite of mine

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