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Mary, I'm so happy you will be joining in the challenge. I love your selection of books. It would be fun to read a Nancy Drew mystery for me after all these years. Maybe I follow your lead and do that sometime in the not so far distant future.

Bluestalking Reader

Oh, Mary Poppins! You're in for a treat with that one, especially, if you haven't read it. I read it two or three years ago, and it made me realize how Disney had corrupted my idea of this story. The real one is so much better, so much darker and generally just a wonderful read. It made me want to read the whole series.

Mary Ronan Drew

I read this years ago but the Disney version is the only one I remember. I borrowed it a couple of weeks ago from the library but didn't get any further than the first few pages. Now I've put it aside to start on New Year's Day as the first of my challenge books.


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