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Welcome back, hope you are feeling better!

Mary Ronan Drew

We are both feeling better, Col, and Mother Nature is, too. I think we are finished with snow and ice for the season. Welcome back yourself.


Glad to hear that you are ok.I enjoy your blog.

Mary Ronan Drew

Thank you, Margaret. A let-up in the snow and some warmer weather will help, I think.


Hope you are on the mend and will be returning to giving us book recommendations soon!

Mary Ronan Drew

I'm just getting ready to post about a book I finished reading yesterday, Karen. Both Bill and I are feeling much better and just holding out for something resembling spring weather.


Your reading is amazing. I wouldn't even read a one page bio of H. haha. Sorry you have been sick. I feared that maybe you gave up blogging. So many people seem focused on Facebook now. I missed you.

Mary Ronan Drew

I've been reading about Hitler and the Nazis for almost 50 years, Nan. I understand the social conditions that led to the Holocaust but I'll never understand how people could do those things.

I hope the second Penderwick book you are reading now is as delightful as the first in the series. Elaine called the first one "awesome." I am working to move that word out of her 9-year-old vocabulary.

Nice to hear from you.


I'm reading the 4th, and I think last, P. book. I've enjoyed them all.

Mary Ronan Drew

Nan, Don't you love the scene in the first book when the dog vomits up the map? Elaine and I - and Bill sitting across the room - all laughed out loud over that one.

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