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Even back thirty years ago when my kids were small they were talking about the overuse of antibiotics, and antibiotics in animals. It seems you have to tell people over and over again, and still nothing happens. Remember when no one ate bacon because of nitrates and nitrites? Now it is the trendiest of foods showing up in muffins of all things! And years ago they said that barbecuing was most unhealthy, and now it is hugely popular - even more than it was. I just shake my head. 'when will they ever learn?'

Mary Ronan Drew

Nan, You and I grew up back when meat and whole milk, butter and eggs, and other things later condemned were what a good mother fed her children. I have never been a big meat eater but I never gave up the others and of course now eggs are very good for you and margarine is condemned and milk is important to prevent osteoporosis.

Half the people I know seem to be talking now about gluten and wheat. This too shall pass.

Speaking of wheat we switched to Dave's Killer Bread on your recommendation and we love it!


If you were closer, I would bake you homemade bread each week!

Mary Ronan Drew

Oh, my! What an offer, Nan!

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