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Aside from reading to me, one of the best gifts my mother gave me was a weekly library visit.


I love it that you remember that! The details are just wonderful. I have no idea about the first time I went to the library. It's the one I still use, though. ;<)

Mary Ronan Drew

Jenclair, You must have rich memories of your mother and books.

Nan, I remember so well because I was so much older than many children who like you go to the library so young they forget it. To still be going to the same library is wonderful! My town library has quadrupled in size at least and moved into the school I went to for 1st/2nd grade.


Love your memory of this life-changing occasion. I don't remember my first trip but I remember as a child that my Dad worked across the street from a library and brought home a stack of books for me almost every day. I read those books every night and he would return them and bring me back another stack. Brings a tear to my eye just remembering that.

Mary Ronan Drew

Kimberly, What a rich, warm memory of so many books and such a thoughtful dad.


The only thing I remember about my childhood in the library was a table and the cover of Anne of Green Gables - no picture just a green (I think) cover. My more fun times there were in high school when we would go to do research in the evenings. I felt so free, and we had so much fun.

Mary Ronan Drew

Nan, I didn't discover Anne of Green Gables until I was much older, but I loved it at 30 as much as most girls love it at 12. Still do.

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