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Oh Mary, the movie is a dramatic dud. Difficult, given the material -- Nazis stealing Jewish-owned art and looting the museums and churches of war-torn Europe! The French Resistance! The race for the Americans to find the hidden Nazi art stashes before the Russians, who were in their turn looting their way West! The liberation of Paris! Yup, they managed to render the whole thing lifeless and dull. Stick with the book.

Mary Ronan Drew

Oh, Karen, that's almost unbelievable. The book is so very exciting . . . how does Hollywood do it? To take material like that and render it uninteresting. You're right, I would be wise to skip the movie.


I enjoyed the movie. No, it certainly wasn't Oscar worthy but I found it to be entertaining. And now after reading your review I'm anxious to read the book.

Mary Ronan Drew

The book is wonderful, Pam.

Les in NE

My husband is interested in the book, as am I, but I think I'll try the audio. So glad to hear it was worthwhile. We'll probably watch the movie when it comes out on dvd.

Mary Ronan Drew

The poor movie is getting bashed. I have it on my Netflix list and will probably watch it when it's released to DVD. Meanwhile, the book is splendid, Les.

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