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Thomas at My Porch

I loved this book. Truth surely is stranger than fiction.

Mary Ronan Drew

Wilhelm used to tell lots of great stories when he was teaching wills and trusts but this story takes the cake.


Sounds a fascinating story!


Hi Mary: This was a terrific book -- one of my favorites of last year. Before I read it, I had formed a negative impression of her family, when in fact they were relatively blameless and the "villains" of the piece in my view were Beth Israel Hospital (fyi, not Mt Sinai) and the private duty nurse who cared for her there. Fascinating story.

Mary Ronan Drew

Karen, while reading I, too, was looking for good guys and bad guys, but as you say, there weren't really any villains aside from the deeply unethical behavior of the doctors and nurse and the hospital. I was touched by the guy who cared for her apartments and his urgent plea that everyone respect Madame Clark.

Thanks for the correction. I've fixed it.

Mary Ronan Drew

I recommend it, Barbara.

sunday taylor

What a story! Just fascinating. I would enjoy this and will try to get a copy of the book. Thanks so much for this wonderful review!

Mary Ronan Drew

It's a remarkably interesting book, Sunday. I was planning to skim it and look at the pictures but I was immediately engrossed in the story of this loving family and the extremely eccentric daughter who refused to sue for the return of her stolen Degas because she didn't want the publicity.

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