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Hi Mary -- Feel free to delete this comment; just wanted to correct your #5. Rowling/Galbraith's novel is set in London, not NYC.

Mary Ronan Drew

You're right, Karen. Thanks for the correction. I've fixed it. I think because the mystery is so much in the style of the 1930s-50s American detective story I pictured the whole thing as being in NYC.

Thomas at My Porch

I wouldn't have thought of it when I read it, but I think you are right about that Trollope. Of course you know how I feel about Some Tame Gazelle. That would be my first choice for adapting Pym.

Mary Ronan Drew

Some Tame Gazelle would make a fine movie, but the casting would have to be perfect. However, we are assuming here the best of all possible cinematic worlds . . .

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