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Thomas at My Porch

I like your idea of reading Somerset Maugham in order. I've read many of his novels but I know there are a bunch that I haven't even heard of. I've also wanted to re-read many a few of his. Going back and starting from the beginning would be a good way to make sure I am not missing anything and reacquaint myself with old favorites. wheels are spinning.

I've started Under the Volcano at least twice getting to the 50s or so before I set it aside. It is one of the Modern Library's Top 100 and although I have made a pledge to just forget about the ones on that list that I don't like, there is something about UTV that makes me still want to go back and try again. If I had the time right now, following the Guardian read would be fun.

Pam at Travelling Penguin just reviewed The Bookshop. My interest was kind of piqued.

Mary Ronan Drew

Thomas, years ago I discovered the joys of reading an author's books in order of publication. We just did that in my otherlit group with Pym. (I think you did the same thing for Pym week and the conference you went to.) I'm hoping my group will do Brookner that way. I'm not sure Maugham read in chronological order will be as enlightening. Right now I'm engrossed in his biography, which has got to be at least as interesting as his books.

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