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Kilian Metcalf

Thank you for introducing me to this delightful series. I'm in the middle of book #2, waiting for a corpse to show up. There are plenty of candidates, some of whom will not be missed.

Mary Ronan Drew

I love this series, in part because she nails North Carolina perfectly. For you there may be a little too much pork and shellfish, however.


I just picked up the first Deborah Crombie, "The Sound of Broken Glass" after finishing my current Holt series read "Mrs Malory and Death in Practice". Holt is getting a little too formula-driven, but for some reason I keep reading. Can't wait to start this one as I almost always like your recommendations.

Mary Ronan Drew

Pamela, One day I'm going to post a list on my blog of my all-time favorite mystery series. Crombie, Maron, and Holt will definitely be on the list as will Todd and Spencer-Fleming.

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