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Kilian Metcalf

Good luck with Frankenstein. It's very dense. I'm lucky to get through a 2-page paragraph before I'm ready to put it aside for another book. It will take me forever to get through, but I'm committed to it for a book club selection.

Mary Ronan Drew

Kilian, somebody on the Trollope list recommended Dracula and I decided while I was at it I'd read Frankenstein. I have the annotated editions so I'm hopeful they will be interesting.

And while I was at it I decided it was time to re-read Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver. Last time I read them was in 1964 for a seminar on the origins of the English novel.


I'm not at all familiar with D.J. Taylor but these sound like something I would enjoy so will check the local library for copies. Should I read Kept first?

Mary Ronan Drew

Pam, you do not have to read Kept first. The same detective appears in both but he is not a major character and his investigation is important but not followed closely.

I put Derby Day in the tote bag to go back to the library today and wished for a moment I had not yet read it. I really did like this book.

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