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You sound discombobulated :-)
Cadbury's Creme eggs? I didn't know you had them over there. Unfortunately I have a rule about no chocolate eggs until Easter Day and no Hot Cross buns except on Good Friday. Can't break the habits of a lifetime.

Christine Harding


Mary Ronan Drew

Barbara, We do have Cadbury Creme eggs but only during Lent. By the end of Easter Week they are gone until Ash Wednesday of next year.

So I have no choice but to eat them during Lent. (I do eat Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday; that's when our local grocery store has them, for the one day only.)

Mary Ronan Drew

Thank you, Christine. I did!


If my daughter were there she would say, "Mary, you're all over the place!"

I know someone whose golden retriever ate a towel because it smelled of cooking grease. The vet had them give her something to make her throw up and soon she was fine. I guess retrievers aren't too discriminating when it comes to ingesting things?

Mary Ronan Drew

I really was all over the place yesterday, Pam. Your daughter's right. I don't think my sister knew that Goldens were such omnivores when she got Bailey.

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