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You sound discombobulated :-)
Cadbury's Creme eggs? I didn't know you had them over there. Unfortunately I have a rule about no chocolate eggs until Easter Day and no Hot Cross buns except on Good Friday. Can't break the habits of a lifetime.

Mary Ronan Drew

Barbara, We do have Cadbury Creme eggs but only during Lent. By the end of Easter Week they are gone until Ash Wednesday of next year.

So I have no choice but to eat them during Lent. (I do eat Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday; that's when our local grocery store has them, for the one day only.)

Mary Ronan Drew

Thank you, Christine. I did!


If my daughter were there she would say, "Mary, you're all over the place!"

I know someone whose golden retriever ate a towel because it smelled of cooking grease. The vet had them give her something to make her throw up and soon she was fine. I guess retrievers aren't too discriminating when it comes to ingesting things?

Mary Ronan Drew

I really was all over the place yesterday, Pam. Your daughter's right. I don't think my sister knew that Goldens were such omnivores when she got Bailey.

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