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Christine Harding

This, and The Woman in White, are among my favourite books, and I always like Sgt Cuff - he is supposed to be one of the first fictional detectives, and I love the way he tries to solve the 'crime' by using the evidence he has, and working things out.

Mary Ronan Drew

I liked Sgt Cuff; and Inspector Bucket in Bleak House. I can't decide which Wilkie Collins to read next.

Thomas at My Porch

Having just finished Armadale, I am keen to read The Moonstone. I especially like the cover on this edition.

Mary Ronan Drew

Yes, I like the cover, too, Thomas. I read The Moonstone on my Kindle so I felt I was entitled to choose whatever cover I wanted to post.

Aren't there two characters in Armadale who have the same name? There's a Trollope novel with that quirk. I think it was a fad in the middle of the 19th century.

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