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The planets must be aligned or something, Mary! I had a bar association meeting tonight after work, and the Bar Bldg is right across the street from the Algonquin so we went there for drinks. Then I get home and see your post about Dorothy Parker. Coincidence? I choose to think not.

Mary Ronan Drew

You crack me up.

Did you see Matilda? I doubt it's the same cat as the one in Dorothy's day but there has always been an Algonquin cat named Matilda.


There was a bit of a brouhaha about the Algonquin cat a couple of years back....When Big Hotel Conglomerate acquired the hotel, said B.H.C. raised "health code" queries about keeping the cat around, but the outcry was such that they shut up, and the latest incarnation of Matilda is still very much there, although I did not see her the other evening!

Mary Ronan Drew

I'm glad they came to their senses about Matilda. I stayed at the Algonquin once years ago and not knowing about the cat was surprised to see this animal sitting on the desk like Bastet (my avatar.)

Now that the Peabody ducks are gone from Memphis and the live alligators at the Jefferson in Richmond are bronze, Matilda is the only living creature who haunts a hotel any more.


Oh, but the Peabody ducks live on!

Mary Ronan Drew

Well, I'll be darned. There they are waddling from their penthouse to the fountain and back every day.

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