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So glad you're enjoying C M Yonge. The Pillars of the House is particularly good. I expect you've noticed all the references in the Mrs Malory books.

Mary Ronan Drew

I think, Barbara, it was the second or third mention of Yonge in the Mrs Malory mysteries that finally made me decide to read the Daisy Chain. Then I found The Trial. And my next Yonge will be The Pillars of the House. I got her complete works on Kindle for a mere pittance.

Mary Ronan Drew

By the way, I like your review of The Little Women Letters:


Thank you!

I went to a lot of trouble collecting books by Yonge and now, as you say, they're dirt cheap for the Kindle. Bigger print, too!

Alex in Leeds

I have a couple of Yonge's books, I picked them up in a secondhand bookshop last year. They're in this lovely dark blue hardback with her initials as a monogram on the cover. I have The Daisy Chain lined up to read this month now that I've cleared a swathe in my library loans... :)

Mary Ronan Drew

Lucky you, Alex, finding the books in a used bookstore. I don't often find English Victorian authors in used bookstores - at least here on the Pacific Northwest.

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