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Since I discovered the world of book blogs about 4 years ago they have greatly enhanced my reading so I appreciate them very much. (For instance, I think it was your blog that introduced me to the world of Gregor Demarkian!) Happy seventh birthday to you and many more!

Mary Ronan Drew

Isn't Gregor a delight - along with all the people who live in his neighborhood and go to the Catholic Armenian Church!

I get my best book recommendations from blogs.


I agree, Mary -- book blogs are my main source of reading recommendations. You, Cornflower, Thomas at My Porch, Dani at Work in Progress and Simon at Stuck in a Book are my go-to places when I'm searching for that elusive just-right book to match my mood. Congratulations on your 7th anniversary. (Apparently it's the "wool" anniversary, so perhaps a cozy new sweater is in order!)

Mary Ronan Drew

The wool anniversary? If I'd known that I could have knit a sweater for one of my books!



Christine Harding

Happy Anniversary! Here's to the next seven years.

Mary Ronan Drew

Barbara and Christine, Thanks. I'm looking forward to blogging for a long time yet.

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