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Simon T

Lovely review - and luckily I have it! Well, in two parts - Ivy When Young and Secrets of a Woman's Heart, so at least I wouldn't have to lug around the whole thing. I also have a biog by Elizabeth Sprigge - but the only I've read is the memoir by ICB's friend and typist, Cecily (or was it Cicely?) Greig (or was it Grieg? Oh dear.) Anyway, it was absolutely wonderful - I loved it, partly because CG had such an appreciation for ICB's writing - which I share. She's one of my favourite writers, but so many people loathe her! Glad to find an affinity.

Mary Ronan Drew

Simon, I'm so glad I read this biography and given your interest in Ivy you will probably enjoy it also. I almost didn't read it because it's so enormous. That would have been a mistake because I learned a lot not just about Ivy's life but about her works as well.

Cicely Grieg typed Ivy's manuscripts for many years and became a good friend. A book by her would be worth looking into. It's going to have to come via ILL because it's pricey at

I just bought a copy of the Sprigge bio. Thanks for mentioning it.

I think people loathe IC-B because she is hard to read until you get used to her. She's very witty and of course perceptive about what lies beneath the surface of family life.

Thomas at My Porch

I've read two ICB and am unsure how many more I will read, but I would love to read about ICB. Now I just need to stumble across such a great find the next time I am in a secondhand bookshop.

Mary Ronan Drew

Thomas, Simon at Stuck in a Book is another fan of Ivy (See above.) He may be able to recommend more books about her. I have one I'm going to read soon called Elizabeth and Ivy about Elizabeth Taylor and IC-B. It's written by Robert Liddell.

Simon T

Just thought I'd pop back and see any further comments, and saw mention of Elizabeth and Ivy. I didn't think much of it, but I can't remember what I didn't like! So I'll be intrigued to know your opinion...!

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