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Alex in Leeds

I've been watching the beginnings of the Pym year posts and wondering whether she's an author I'd enjoy and now I find myself wanting to read this to join in regardless. I love this post, my wallet less so. :)

Mary Ronan Drew

Alex: Barbara Pym is a clever and subtle writer and reading her books (in the order in which they were published) with my on-line Trollope group has been enlightening. Do give her a try.

Thomas at My Porch

I have been away from the Internet for a few weeks and am impressed by all the great books you have been finding. This one looks fantastic. I am going to the Pym Society conference in March in Boston, so I would love to read this book. I am glad Hazel Holt gave it her stamp of approval. I might not trust it otherwise.

Mary Ronan Drew

The author of the book is an academic and she has some thoughtful things to say about Pym. I envy you your trip to the Pym Society conference. I've been reading all of her book with an online group (spin-off from Anthony Trollope) and there is so much more in Pym than most people realize.

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