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A Suitable Boy has been on my shelf for an age. Why, why, why am I so attracted to these long books? That one runs to almost 1500 pages. These doorstops may be good reads, but they do slow down the rate of blogging.


I've read many of these but there are a couple I'm not familiar with so I'll be looking into those. I love book lists! Sorry to hear you've been spending time in the hospital and hope things are better now.

Mary Ronan Drew

Fay, Like you I find myself attracted to BIG books. Also sets of novels that go together, like Anthony Powell's Dance to the Music of Time.

Nan, I haven't read quite a few of these titles. I'm looking forward to some new authors and works soon.

I'm home from the hospital, the pneumonia is gone, along with the other problems, and I'm feeling very well. Thanks for asking.


Mary: perfect timing. On January 3rd my job of 26 years ended (my boss retired). January 4 I had shoulder surgery--dominant shoulder, of course. First of February I start a new job. Comfort reading is a must!

I've read many of these and am looking forward to selecting a few more.

Just started the new bio about Jeane Kirkpatrick and although it is very good, I think I will put it aside for one from the above list.

Glad you are doing better, Mary.

Mary Ronan Drew

Oh, Kimberly! So many changes at the same time. I hope some of these titles give you the smile and warmth you need from your reading right now.


Sorry to hear you've been under the weather again, Mary. And I would tend to agree that Madame Bovary is not "comfort reading." (!) Great literature, yes, comforting, no. : )

Mary Ronan Drew

No, Mrs Bovary is not easy reading. But so many of the other titles are a delight. The Rosamund Lehman books and I Capture the Castle. I'd add any book at all by D E Stevenson.. She wrote about 40 of them and each is more charming than the last.


Agreed -- I ADORE "Miss Buncle's Book" and in fact re-read it over Christmas when I had a case of the holiday blues. Worked like a tonic!

Mary Ronan Drew

I just finished reading the third "Miss Buncle" book, The Two Mrs Abbotts. It's just as delightful as the other two.

Thomas at My Porch

There are so many on your list that I love that I am going to keep the list bookmarked as reference for finding other books I might like.

Mary Ronan Drew

Doesn't Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons sound delightful!

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