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What a very good idea. And again your scholarship so impresses me. (and how are you feeling these days??)

Mary Ronan Drew

We are enjoying our reading of Pym's oeuvre very much.

I'm feeling well, Nan. It is 28 degrees outside but I walked today (and of course thought of you.)

Christine Harding

I came late to Barbra Pym, but loved the books I have read so far. I know little about her, but I like the idea of reading this volume alongside the novels.

Margaret Powling

I am delighted you have drawn attention to this book, and for those wishing to read books by Hazel Holt herself, there are at least twenty cosy crime novels featuring academic sleuth, Mrs Malory.

Mary Ronan Drew

I love the Mrs Malory mysteries, Margaret, and their casual references to the work of Barbara Pym. Mrs Malory lives in Taviscombe, for example.

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