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I love this book, and I love the work of DES. So few books are just plain good reads, with stories that keep one's interest. I suppose they were called women's books at one time, but the stuff that is now called that rarely comes up to her standards. Now they seem to be very formulaic. Must have cheating, must have cancer, etc. You know what I mean.

Mary Ronan Drew

You're right, Nan, nobody seems to be writing this sort of book any more. With DES you know will not be facing wrenching tragedy but rather a realistic problem which the characters work out without frightening the reader. And there is no formula - which makes so many otherwise acceptable "women's books" boring. I'm going to get out my list of D E Stevenson and acquire more of the books I haven't read and ask for others on ILL.


My library has a whole shelf of them. I just love how they keep the old books. It may not go on forever, but probably at least through my lifetime.
And I've just begun exercising again. :<)

Mary Ronan Drew

You are lucky your library still has these books, Nan. The Spokane Library has a few but I fear they have let most of them go.

I, too, have been walking again. And thinking about you and wondering if you were also walking.

Kimberly Wold

I have this book sitting on my book shelf in all its gray Persephone glory (with bookmark!). I shall be reading it soon.

Mary Ronan Drew

Oh, Kimberly! Start reading it immediately. It's delightful.


Mary: Just finished Miss Buncle's Book. Absolutely loved! It is darling, clever, and just what I needed. Thank you for the nudge to pull it off the shelf.

Merry Christmas to you and Wilhelm!


Mary Ronan Drew

I'm glad you liked it, Kim. It's so appealing, isn't it.

Merry Christmas to you too!

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