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Happy Birthday, Mary!

Mary Ronan Drew

Thank you, Fay! I've been celebrating all year as this is my 70th. How could I possibly be that old?

Andrea Sachs

Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope it is a good one - and a good year.

Mary Ronan Drew

Thank you, Andrea. It's been a great day so far - my husband's dad stopped by to wish me happy birthday!

Christine Harding

What a sweetie that child is. She has obviously been brought up the right way.

Happy Birthday. I have Christmas cake here which I will eat in honour of your birthday!

Kimberly Wold

Your birthday is the last day of November and mine is the last day of December. I knew we had more in common than just loving good books! Happy Birthday, Mary.

Mary Ronan Drew

Elaine is sweet, Christine, and her mother is indeed doing a fine job. She began reading to Elaine months before she was born. Every night.

I've always liked being born on the last day of the month, Kimberly, as if I were able to just meet a deadline.

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