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This is a model for an excellent book review! I loved this mystery, and the second one, though it was darker I thought. There are three others that I so look forward to reading. Don't you love Bruno's place, and his dinner parties?! And the dog!

Have you seen the great website?

Mary Ronan Drew

Thank you, Nan. I love the web site, especially the month of French cinema and all the little videos.

Gigi, the male bassett hound is unforgettable.

Mary Ronan Drew

Read Nan's excellent review here:


This sounds wonderful... I'm aiming at more 'French' reading prior to a trip to Paris and am still hunting for Maigret who, sadly, is not easy to find. Perhaps Bruno would be a suitable replacement...

Mary Ronan Drew

Chris, a trip to Paris! When I was last there I read a couple of Cara Black mysteries. Marais and Latin Quarter, I think. Books to read with a map nearby.

Have you seen the DVDs with Michael Gambon as Maigret?


I have seen the Michael Gambon DVDs I think they are excellent - very atmospheric, and he really captures the spirit of the books. Thanks for the Cara Black recommendation. I'll give them a try.

Mary Ronan Drew

Chris, I think the Gambon Maigret series was filmed primarily in Czechoslovakia with a few establishing shots in Paris, but it still feels French (food, zinc bars in cafes, more food.)

By the way, I've been reading my way through the Maigret books as well. You can find lots of them used at reasonable prices.

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