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Bluestalking Reader

Hey, I've heard of this publisher! ;-) Aren't they wonderful, though? They're bank-breaking, and I don't order from them very often, but the Persephones I have occupy an honored place in my library.

Bluestalking Reader

Mary, I just posted a photo of most of my Persephones, as well as some of my Waverleys, over on my blog. If you have a chance swing by! I'll put the kettle on.


I just purchased my first four (and definitely not my last) Persephones! They are really lovely and I can't wait to read them!


Swank, swank - I have over forty Persephones! Not a bad one amongst them.


Mary, did you order directly from the publisher in the UK or did you use an online retailer (such as Amazon, whether the US version or the UK version)?

Mary Ronan Drew

Jill, I've been ordering my Persephone books on line from England. I didn't think to look at or other US vendors assuming the books were only available from the publisher.

Where did you buy yours?



Yes you can order them from Amazon but then you do not get the lovely bookmarks which match the end papers which is a shame. If you order three at a time from Persephone I believe you get a bit of a discount.
And I am not swanking, honest, but I have over 50 Persephones and I agree, not a bad one there

Mary Ronan Drew

Elaine, I think I would rather pay extra for the sake of those bookmarks. Upon such irrational preferences does retailing depend

Those of you with 40 or 50 Persephone books are hereby authorized to swank. (What does it mean, "to swank," exactly?)



It means to show off shamelessly and I've got over 60 of these now!


Golly, if everyone else is already in possession of Persephone titles to the level of double digits with freedom to swank about it, I'd better get cracking and order some from Amazon.

Of the eight you have, Mary, was there one in particular that you recommended? Something light and cozy - nothing heavy with the grim oppression of modern life, please.

Mary Ronan Drew

You are hereby permitted to swank as much as you like, dove. Sixty out of seventy!

Jill, I've read only one of the eight Persephone books I own. I do have the excuse that I acquired five of them in the last month or so.

The one I've read, The Making of a Marchioness by Frances Hodgson Burnett, was charm personified. I'll review it soon.


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