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Smart move Mary, love the soft furnishings!

Fay Sheco

Mary, I like your new look and will be studying your lay-out as my blog gets underway.

Let's compare notes on Philip Roth as soon as the holiday is over. Not having read any Roth for years, I feared for awhile (in reading _The Human Stain_) that he was going to be one of those male chest thumpers who confuses misanthropy with virility. He's not.


Mary Ronan Drew

Thanks, Dove. I liked your blog look and was trying to find something similar.


Mary Ronan Drew

Fay, I'm still reading Roth's short stories and will begin his second novel, Letting Go, soon. I find him more complex and less obnoxious than I expected but I'm reserving judgment for the time being.


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